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Toon Deboutte

I'm Toon Deboutte from belgium and i'm in my first year psychologie but i already graduaded as a sportsteachter(2004).
last year (2004) a discovered i had problems to foccus but i don't want to call it adhd. i have this feeling there is a perfectionist in me who want's to do everything at the same time. i have this endles hunger for positif stimulations. i have this feeling that every person on earth has to love en respect me. i know it is wrong, but i realy need this positif inputs or i get depressed

the thing i want to say about the article is that the effect of rilatin gives me a way to get along with my obsessions. It gives my the opportunity to have a real objectif look of the world.
but the most important effect from
rilatin is the improved foccus to work with my feelings every time i have to live with failling.

i know taking drugs isn't healthy. but what if that drug gives me a way to have a peacefull life in a society?


I assure you Einstein would have been able to focus more and in the end would have done even more than he did. As an adult with ADD, I can tell you that all the inspiration and dreams in the world ar worthless without the ability to focus them and make them real. For years I had all sorts of creative ideas and was never able to realize them until I began taking meds. I am much more creative now, because I can produce a result from all of my thoughts and ideas. I have the ability to harness all of the thoughts and ideas now. Creativity is useless without the ability to act on it because how can you measure creativity without something tangible to guide your judgement? If Einstein was able to do as well as he did, he would have been even more amazing if he could have gotten ALL of his thoughts focused enough to turn them into something real. That is all that the meds do. They do not change who you are, at least they have not changed me. They have only helped me clarify my thoughts enough to function at a more productive level. I am so tired of those who do not know what it feels like to have ADD talking about what we need and do not need. What we really need is for everyone to become more educated about it and talk to more than one person who has it, and stop making judgements about medications based solely on how they personally feel about those meds. Meds are not for all of us, but meds do help some of us function better and that is and should always be our choice. There are far more unsuccessful people with ADD than those few exceptionally gifted ones cited in this article who may have led much happier and much more productive lives with medication. There is evidence out there that suggests that many unmedicated ADDers are taking illegal drugs attempting to alleviate the boredom, anxiety and frustration associated with ADD and many end up in prison. So, yes creativity is good, but there are far more worse consequences than the loss of creativity. Meds do not change who you are. If you are creative, you'll still be creative on meds, and probably more so because the meds make you much more likely to actually create something, rather than just sitting around daydreaming about it.

l martin

As a 33 year old mother of 3 I look back on my childhood, and realize that I was add&adhd.I could not sit down and read a book, and understand it without reading it 3 times. My parents did not believe in giving a child medication for being hyper or just not paying attention, I recieved a spanking or more chores to do. And this did not help. 3 years ago I seen myself in my 8 year old middle child. When it was time to take a test at school she just sat there a beat her head on the desk saying she could not do it, she just couldn't concentrate. She would stay in trouble at school because she couldn't sit still or stop talking. Im not a parent that wants my child on medication everyday. But I had tried everything that I could think of to help her. I tried rewarding her if she could sit still and take a test with no outburst, I tried disipline, nothing seem to work. Finally after she had to repeat the 1st grade, I talk to her docter. She has been diagnosed with add&adhd. Like I said I hate the thoughts of my child having to take medication everyday, but since she has been taking adderall she is a staight A student, on the honer role, and has made alot more friends in school. The teachers love her because she picks up on everthing to easily now. She has a very creative imagination and always has and she has brought it out even more since she has been taking this medication. Now she has the highest average in her whole grade. And has received many awards for being so creative with her imagination. I know that medication does not work for everyone, but this helped my daughter be the kid that she wanted to be. Some people say that you get lazy on this medication not her. She is very active, plays sports such as soft ball,soccer, and even in the drama club at school. I dont not make her do these activities she chooses to do all of this. I don't believe that a child should be on this medication just because parents don't want do deal with thier child everyday behaivor and I think that it is abused just for that reason. Parents and teachers need to realize that kids are going to get into to trouble and do things wrong sometimes, but I think parents and teachers have just gotten lazy over the years and just don't want to deal with kids like they should. And know as an adult I am being treated for add&adhd. I am a much better mother and worker because of my treatment. I have more fun with my kids, I not feeling rushed all the time like I use to. I can actually sit down read with my kids,play games with them, and not tell them they need to hurry up and get things done. Before everything was rush, rush, rush. Now I slowed down. Im enjoying my life now instead of hurrying through it, and enjoying being a mother, spending alot more time with my kids,instead of telling them I cant play because Im trying to clean house cook supper, do laudry all at the same time not getting nothing accomplished. And now I can read a magizine while sitting still at the same. And tell you everthing it is about. If I would have had this treatment when I was a child I really think I would have went on to college and made a better life for myself and my children. Instead of working in a factory. But since my treatment started I have excelled on my job and have gotton 2 promotions. This medication is not for everyone, but for my family it has help us tremendously

Jane Buck

I believe the same.I was told continually to "think before I act" as a child and I think I have an unusually engaging personality without medication but the world is hyper focused on controled environments.....of which I do not fit in...to suit the comfort levels of others. I focus infinatly better with Ritalin but the fun,creative and spontaneous side of myself is blunted and yes, there are far fewer flashes of brilliance!!

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