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Great to see Robert Coram's biography of fighter pilot and military theorist John Boyd here. Boyd thumbed his nose at the Pentagon greasy-pole climbers and challenged his acolytes with the question 'Do you want to be somebody (status, rank, privileges) or do something (leave a dent in the universe)?'

This is a book that is both inspirational and instructive. Oh, and Boyd propounded a theory that has revolutionised warfare and will change the way you think about business.

Steve Shu

Thanks for putting together the list. I am debating whether to read Blink or one of Seth's books next. Will sort of depend on how I feel about Seth on a particular day ... ;)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Very good list. I'm sure I'm leaving some crucial book out, but I'd also recommend: Seven-Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler, A Brand New World by Scott Bedbury, and Marketing Without Advertising, by Michael Phillips & Salli Rasberry.


Hey, Thanks for this list, there's a few titles in here I don't have yet!

I looked at lots of MBA courses before realising I could educate myself in everything I was looking for, mainly be ingesting all the wonderful information on management, leadership and entrepreneurship to be found on the internet.

Saurabh Kaushik

[..]College can teach you “science of entrepreneurship”. But the art, “application of principals of science”, is very much individual attitude. This is where the difference lies between management graduate and street smart entrepreneur. Why?? In decision making, the graduate will heavily rely on historical events, index patterns, market data or future predications, but later one will just rely beats of the street, people day-to-day problem and his vision to tap it.[..]

[Saurabh Kaushik]
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